Biden’s speech was seen as plagiarism

Biden’s speech was seen as plagiarism

The words uttered by the us Democratic party candidate Joe Biden at the end of the speech during the democratic party Congress almost completely repeat the phrase of a well-known canadian politician. This statement was made by the American edition of the Washington Examiner.

Closing the speech, Biden said: “Love is stronger than hate. Hope is stronger than fear. Light is stronger than darkness.” In this phrase, the American media saw a direct analogy with the words from the suicide note of the head of the left-wing canadian New democratic party, Jack Layton. He wrote similar words in 2011.

This is not the first time that Biden’s speech has been plagiarized. In 1988 and 2008, he participated in the presidential race. For the first time, his election campaign was undermined by an accusation of plagiarism of the speech of the then leader of British labour, Neil Kinnock.

During his speech, Biden also agreed to run for President of the United States as the candidate of the Democratic party.

The us presidential election is scheduled for November 3